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    Are you sick of marketing companies making promises they never keep?


    Well, at Social General we have a detailed marketing formula that works and starts with guaranteed results. Not a bad place to start...

  • Prescott Video & Digital Marketing Agency

    Since we specialize in Prescott area local marketing so we don't need to charge for demographic and keyword research. We already know what it takes to get you results. This, in turn, saves you money...

    Website Design

    #1 - Custom Built Website

    We work with you to design a custom branded website

    Our top web designers create a fully optimized website that is mobile responsive and gets results. This can be a one-time fee for anyone who doesn't require SEO and only wants a Website built. Website Design prices can vary from platform to how many additional features you require. All websites will be fully optimized and mobile responsive.

    #2 - Rank First SEO

    Did you know that Bing gets 30% of all Internet search queries?

    Well, it's true and if you're not utilizing Bing you are leaving money on the table for your competitors. A large proportion of Bing users are above the older adults who naturally stick with Bing search which comes installed on many new Computers with MSN as their homepage. We first create a website in your niche, rank it on the first page of Bing, and then let you decide if you want to continue with our services. Right off the bat you will start generating traffic.

    #3 - Maps Lead Generation

    The Next Step to Dominating Your Local Area

    Most Internet users today are too lazy to search through websites when looking for a local service provider. Additionally, most people gravitate to reviews and anything above the fold (what you see when you click search and get results). So, being on Google Maps is one of the best ways to grow your business. Some Google Maps listings are easier to rank than others, depending upon the competition and niche. Generally, we can improve rankings within 60-90 days.

    #4 - Local Video Domination

    Powerful and Fun Videos for Multiple Purposes

    A big part of our local marketing strategy is video domination with YouTube and Facebook. Video is a huge part of finding success online while generating more traffic, gaining trust, and many other important factors. We create a number of different types of videos for different purposes. Some are designed to rank in Google & YouTube, while others are made to draw in your audience and grow your brand.

    #5 - Page 1 on Google

    Organically ranking in Google just makes sense

    Have you ever paid for Google Adwords and seen how much it cost to get clicks for your specific keyword? If so, you probably understand the value of having your website organically showing up for a number of keywords that will eventually yield less monthly expenses and increase your businesses ROI year over year.

    Check out this 3-month done-for-you GMB ranking services

    #6 - Targeted Facebook Ads

    Laser focused targeting to reach your demographics

    This is an additional service we include to specific clients and niches. Right now, there's no easier way to generate targeted traffic to your website or landing page when utilizing Facebook Ads. This concept includes creating videos to draw clicks, explainer videos & landing pages in sales funnels that convert. All of this can be incorporated to Google Adwords too for anyone interested in going the PPC route.

  • Social General SEO Pricing & Packages

    We have powerful marketing packages available that work of anyone serious about growing their business. Pricing depends upon competition and niche to be completely accurate.

    Please call or contact us here to get a quality proposal.

  • Put Your Marketing Goals into Action!

    We only represent one client per niche, per area. Our services include all of the above in one powerful package. Social General does marketing consulting and services for home service professionals and small businesses of all sizes. As a business owner, we share a common viewpoint and understanding of what it's like to run a business and get a return on your investment to grow. We are dedicated to our clients, to help improve their businesses and have fun doing it.

  • Additional Services

    Digital Video Landing Page Design that Converts Traffic Into Leads Over Social Media and Search Engines. Theses services can be ordered separately from any of the packages listed above.

    Adwords, PPC, and Facebook ADs

    put your marketing machine to work

    * We create high quality sales copy writing and content.

    * Laser targeted campaigns designed for your ideal client reach.

    * No contracts, always month-to-month.

    * High converting AD campaigns on your accounts.

    * You own and keep everything created.

    * Just want a video? No problem. Request a free video proposal.

    * More leads. Increase ROI. You can't lose.

  • Video Marketing that Converts

    • Custom Video Production
    • Create and Optimize Facebook Pages and Groups
    • Laser Focused Facebook AD Campaigns
    • Increased Brand Exposure¬†
    • Increased Following, Likes, and Leads
    • Re-targeting Pixel On Auto-Pilot

    Put All Your Local Marketing Needs on Steroids with The Social General.